Homeschool Expo 2021

Mark your calendars for:
Saturday, June 26th, 10 am-4 pm
Jamil Temple, 206 Jamil Road, Columbia, SC 29210
Free Admission -- Open to the Public

If you’re considering homeschooling, new to homeschooling or you’re an experienced homeschooler–this is the event for you!  Cola City is an inclusive resource for all homeschoolers, regardless of religious preference, ethnic background, family structure, political affiliation or educational philosophy. This Expo promotes resources that include all varieties of homeschools.

Local Services and Products
When we say local, we mean local to South Carolina. Accountability Associations, support groups, resource centers, sports programs, special needs testing and services, music classes, art programs, and lots more educational opportunities! Plus, home business opportunities and fundraisers.

Used Books and Handmade Items
Everyone loves a good book sale. This Homeschool Expo invites homeschoolers with Used books, resources, and curriculum. Find the books you’re looking for–and talk to someone who has used it to see how it worked for them.

 Demos and Interactive Presentations
Live demonstrations from local groups and programs. Hands-on, interactive activities, too.

Note: mask recommendations will be determined by CDC guidelines at the time of this event.

Expo Event Cover

Doors Open to the Public at 10 am

Free admission
Help Desk for Homeschooling Questions
Door Prizes throughout the day
FREE Make-it-Take-it Project at 11:30 am
Optional Donation for Parking

Click HERE to see our vendors and sponsors!

Vendor Registrations

Participating vendors may offer school supplies, lessons/classes/instruction opportunities, discount promotions, field trip destinations, educational resources, college recruiters, home business, handmade/home-made items, swap meet used books/homeschool curriculum.


***Vendor registrations are now CLOSED***

Sponsored Ads are still available for the Virtual Conference in July.
Click here to contact SC Homeschooling Connection for advertising options

10x10 Premiere Space includes:

  • 8-foot table
  • 2 Chairs
  • Electricity
  • Ad Promo mentions


10 x 6  Economy Space Includes:

  • 8-foot table
  • Ad Promo mentions


Note: Chairs, electricity extra fees

Table Only Economy Space

Includes 8-foot table only. Information and/or books must fit on/under the table.


Note: Chairs, electricty and ad promo mentions extra

Ad Promo Mentions Only

Business participants who cannot attend in person can still get promotions.


Volunteers Needed

Are you interested in volunteering to help contact prospective vendors or help for a few hours in-person on the day of the Expo?
Many hands make light work! Tell us how you're able to help out:

SC Virtual Homeschool Conference
June 28-July 16

This uniquely local Vitual Homeschool Conference features a variety of presentations and panel discussions to equip, encourage and empower you wherever you are on your homeschool journey.  Pre-recorded, available at your own pace starting June 28th at 10 am.
Conference Tickets $10 for early registration
More information about the Conference at The SC Homeschooling Connection