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Finding a community of support is a key to homeschooling success, so we’ve organized this Local Resources Directory. Everything you want to know for educational and social connections. 

Co-ops, Resource Centers and Support Groups

  • HERO Irmo Co-op: Home Education Resource Organization offers social and educational activities in Irmo; inclusive/non-religious
  • Akoma Homeschoolers: Support group created to help black/african/african ancestral homeschooling families connect with each other in the Carolina Region.
  • Southeast Columbia Academic Co-op: Educational activities, once a week. Inclusive/non-religious.


  • Christian Home Educators of Camden: Informal homeschool support group in the greater Camden, SC area.
  • HERALD 5: a support group for Christian homeschooling families of the Midlands of South Carolina.
  • SHIELD: Supporting Home Instruction Encompassing Lexington District offers support, encouragement, resources and activities for Christian families.
  • Arrows Academy: Two day per week program that partners with families to give their children instruction in the main content areas with qualified teachers and excellent curriculum from a Christian perspective.
  • Chapin Academy: Offers classes two days a week with qualified, Christian instructors.
  • Dutch Fork Resource Center: Serving the high school needs of homeschooling students throughout the Chapin/Irmo area and beyond.
  • Excelsior Academy:  Academy classes, ages 4-13, develop an effective Christian worldview as we study literature, history, and the fine arts based on various time periods. High School offerings are college-preparatory classes with honors options.
  • Homeschool Collaborators: Faith-based co-op located off Dutch Fork Road. 
  • Lexington Homeschool Co-op: A Christian Homeschool Group offering classes taught by the parents of children who attend co-op, rather than paid teachers.
  • Midlands Resource Center: Offers middle school preparatory classes and the upper level mathematics, science, foreign language, and/or English courses required to graduate from high school and to prepare their child for college with a Christian perspective.
  • Principia Center: Provides weekly instruction for students in grades 7-12, from a Christian perspective.
  • Royal Scholars Co-op: offers a unique educational experience for homeschool Families with an Afro-Centered focus.
  • Trinity Homeschool Academy: offers academic resource center classes, parent-led co-operative learning and social connections.

Educational Destinations and Other Resources

  • The State Museum: Free daily admission with proof of homeschooling; once a month Homeschool Day, pre-registration required.
  • Confederate Relic Room: Free once a month Homeschool Friday, pre-registraiton required.
  • Historic Columbia: Once a month Homeschool Day, pre-registration/pre-payment required.
  • Virtual SC:  A free state-sponsored ala carte supplemental online program serving students currently attending public, private and home schools in grades 7-12
  • SC Discus: South Carolina’s Virtual Library is the “information place” for all South Carolinians. Provides free access to an electronic library that’s available 24/7. Accessible from your county library’s website or via Discus with username/password. READ MORE HERE. 
  • Ed’s Editions: Used bookseller locally owned by homeschooler, has large selection of homeschool materials.

Educational Consultants and Local Bloggers:

  • Richland County Library: Education Studio: A carefully-curated collection of books and materials that support learning through a multisensory approach. The specially-designed studio space provides quiet seating for homeschoolers, tutors and teachers to prepare and conduct lessons. Reading specialists offer a personalized consultation.
  • Discovery Therapies: Learning Development center that goes beyond tutoring by addressing the underlying issues that cause students to struggle.
  • Homeschooling the Special Needs Child: Susan Blackwell. Consultation, Curriculum counseling, testing services especially for homeschoolers.
  • Dyslexia Reading Center: Offers services and resources for students who struggle with reading and those who teach them.
  • The Cultivating Mom: Tomekia Latoya offers homeschool coaching.
  • Kiyana Thomas: Faith, Family, Homeschooling. Offers lesson planning and homeschool consultation. 
  • Breakthrough Homeschooling: Pat Fenner offers high school consultation for small groups or individuals. 

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