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The heart of why we're here is to help individuals and groups to make meaningful connections.

We provide local resources that inspire excellence, promote respect, and improve communication. 

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Meet Kim

My Story

I've been actively involved in the homeschool community for more than 20 years. I graduated two of my own children from homeschooling and helped hundreds of others. I believe the key to success is making meaningful connections--and finding a place to belong. 

I blog at the SC Homeschooling Connection about statewide resources to get us connected. This Cola City is more specifically about local resources and connections in the Midlands.

I'm also the director at SC TOP Homeschool Association. If you're looking for accountability, I can help you with that. It's not necessary to join my association in order to access Cola City's meet-ups and activities. 

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Networking Partners

Other programs that we recommend and collaborate with.

A resource hub of alll-things homeschooling in South Carolina. How to get started, finding groups and associations, curriculum resources and activities.

The SC Homeschooling Connection

Statewide FREE Resource

A 3rd Option Accountability Association where Kim is the director. Transcript assistance for high schoolers in compliance with Commission on Higher Ed.

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SC TOP Homeschool Association

Statewide Membership

Inclusive co-op with online and in person weekly classes. A source of innovative resources and timely support to those who share our passion of educating our children at home.


Located in Irmo

Homeschool Honor Society. Promotes academic excellence and community service. Sponsored by SC TOP Homeschool Association, open to all homeschoolers.

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Eta Omicron Honor Society

Statewide Membership

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Cola City can help you set up your club or activity idea. Start by submitting your idea here. Then, we'll contact you to get the details finalized. 

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