Minecraft Club

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Minecraft Club
By Cola City Homeschoolers
All Ages — Online Playground
$7.50 — Summer Session thru August 30

Join us on Minecraft, the most popular online sandbox construction video game.  We are offering a private, secure server for homeschoolers to get together and build, adventure, craft, and learn. This program is being moderated by Cola City approved volunteers. The moderators will not be “on duty” at all times, but will have access to the activity log in order to monitor and ensure everyone is adhering to the rules of fair play. 

Participants will be need to download the tools and are expected abide by club code of conduct. Parents are encouraged to monitor your participant and keep in touch with the club faciliators.

  • Java edition on a PC (You’ll have to buy the game for $26.99, if you don’t already have it)
  • Discord (free voice chat app) server for kids to chat while they play or just stay in touch 
  • Code of conduct/good gamer manners required
  • Possible competitions/ challenges for in game prizes
  • Participants will be assigned a private locker room where they can store items while they’re away

Start by filling out an entrance application so we can ensure the participants understand good gaming etiquette and we have contact info for parents.  We want to make sure everyone stays safe and has fun.  An orientation class on online security and safety will be included to emphasize the importance of never sharing personal information online to strangers, how to be courteous and resolve conflicts with other players, and in general teach our kids about how to safely game online.  

  • Monthly build challenges
  • Hide ‘n Seek meet-ups inside the game
  • Parkour Course
  • Player-vs-Player Arena
  • Small Group Sundays

Contact Club Moderators: Ray Vanderhoff or Kira Vanderhoff
Local homeschool parents, Ray and Kira Vanderhoff are avid game enthusiasts who promote the many social and educational benefits of Minecraft.

Click here to join Minecraft Club:


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