Gamers Club

screenshot from Roblox Gamers 11/2021

Gamers Club
by Cola City Homeschoolers
All Ages — Online Chat
Winter Session open thru February 28

Gamer Club Only for participants who want to chat while playing various online games. It’s a chance to “meet” other local homeschoolers. Our dedicated Discord server is open to gamers of all types. Whatever games you’re playing–you can connect with other homeschoolers who share your interests.

Our Discord channels are dedicated for connecting local homeschoolers around their common interests. Currently have a number of channels set up, but we are willing to expand the channels as needed.

  • Roblox, Fortnite (and other first person shooter games),
  • MMOs (like World of Warcraft, Star Wars Old Republic, ect),
  • Among Us (and other party games),
  • Console gaming (xbox, PS, Nintendo),
  • Tabletop RPGs (Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, ect),
  • Teens ONLY channel
  • as well as social channels open to all players

Sign up and we will start with an orientation to all new players requiring understanding of our code of conduct, as well as adult oversight of all channels.

Cost New Club Participants: $5/1 player, $8/2 players, $10/3+ players
Continuing Club Participants: $3/1 player, $5.50/2 players, $7/3+ players
Parent Accounts are free. Multiple students accessing the same account are one player.

Contact Club Moderators: Ray Vanderhoff or Kira Vanderhoff
Local homeschool parents, Ray and Kira Vanderhoff are avid game enthusiasts who promote the many social and educational benefits of gaming and gameschooling.

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