Expo Vendors 2021

 We appreciate all these vendors for participating in this year's Homeschool Expo. Check out the links below to find out more about their programs and services. 

See you at Jamil Temple, 206 Jamil Rd, Columbia, SC 29210
Saturday, June 26 from 10am-4pm
Admission is FREE -- Open to the Public

Host Organizations and Premiere Vendors & Sponsors

The SC Homeschooling Connection
A free resource hub promoting awareness of the achievements, philosophies and issues in homeschooling in South Carolina and beyond.


The SC Homeschool
Accountability Association
This affordable accountability organization will be offering advice and encouragement at the Expo Help Desk.
Stop by with your questions!

HERO Homeschoolers
based in Irmo providing supportive activities and resources designed to benefit all home educators in the greater Columbia area regardless of religious preference, political affiliation, ethnic background, family structure, or educational philosophy. 

Cola City Homeschoolers
An inclusive network for social and educational opportunities for homeschoolers.
Check out our interest clubs and field trips.

Participating Programs, Products and Services

Coming Soon: Advice and encouragement to get started homeschooling
Coming Soon: Classes and learning experiences for homeschool students
Coming Soon: Sports and recreational activities for homeschool students
Coming Soon: Social groups and clubs for homeschoolers
Coming Soon: More socail groups, clubs, and activities for homeschoolers

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Ready to promote your program, product or services to the homeschool community? We'd love to have you at Homeschool Expo 2021! 

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