Green Team Interest Form

Green Team Interest Form

Are you interested in faciliating the Green Steps Environmental Projects? Great! Come join the Green Team.

We have ongoing projects already established. But we’re always open to more ideas–and even just a nature walk meet-up. The more time we can log out doors, the better for us all. So, if you’re willing to facilitate a project or just host an outing.

Previous projects we’ve established, and aim to continue offering:

  • Solar Ovens
  • Gardening Projects: Pollinator plants, Pollinator Nests, and Composting
  • Litter Pick-up
  • Cardboard Creations
  • Seed Paper Valentines
  • Shoe Recycling Project
  • Science Share Fair
  • Other field trips and virtual workshops
  • Nature Walks–Rain or Shine

Sign up to get involved in planning our 2024-2025 projects:

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