Birthday Card Club

Birthday Month Card Exchange
By Cola City Homeschoolers
Monthly Card Exchange
All Ages — FREE

Let’s celebrate the fun of birthdays–together! Here’s how it works. Registrations for anyone who has a birthday coming up in May.

  • We will send out a list of participants (up to 10 others) who are also having a birthday.
  • You will send each of them a card…and each one will send you a card.
  • Plus, you’ll get one from Cola City admins too!

We will try to group the lists by ages as much as possible. We recommend you make the cards personalized with a token gift inside–like stickers, temporary tattoos, a printable game or handmade note. Something that mails easily with a regular stamp.

Remember this is meant to be fun! So have your child do a reasonable part of the project. Young ones might put a sticker on the envelop or be able to sign their name. Older ones might be able to manage the addresses on the envelopes.

Contact Kim with any questions,
Sign up here for September birthdays only by September 6. We will send a list out to participants.

  • Adult who will oversee this project
  • Look for an automated confirmation when you submit form
  • Include a number just in case an admin needs to contact you quickly/last minute. This information will not be shared with other participants.
  • This information will be shared with other participants for the cards to be delivered.
  • Currently accepting participants for SEPTEMBER only. Birthyears will not be shared with other participants. It's only for verification for admins.
    First NameBirth Month & Year
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