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Valentine’s Card Exchange (by mail)

January 29


Valentine’s Card Exchange (by mail)
By Cola City Homeschoolers
All Ages — FREE
Sign up by: Friday January 29

Will you be my Valentine? We’re doing it again this time for Valentine’s Day…SENDING CARDS! It’s also a great way to make connections with other homeschoolers, while social distancing. Cola City Homeschoolers is hosting a Valentine’s card exchange during the month of February.

Sign up by January 29. We will organize the lists by ages (as much as possible). You’ll get a list of participants to exchange cards with–up to 25 familes to send/receive. We encourage personalized message or token item included for each child. Examples: stickers, tatoos, crosswork puzzle, word puzzle or other small valentines.

Note: Your mailing address will be shared with other participants and student names, so that the cards can be personalized by the sender.

  • Look for an automated confirmation when you submit form
  • Include a number just in case an admin needs to contact you quickly/last minute. This information will not be shared with other participants.
  • This information will be shared with other participants for the cards to be delivered.
  • Use the plus (+) sign to add rows for additional participants. It's optional to include this information--for others to be able to name your child in the card.
    First NameAge 
  • If you have mulitple ages, please indicate the age range you'd prefer.
  • In order to keep this a meaningful activity, please indicate your preference.
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January 29

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